Hi! Welcome to Clarkstown Travel Services, Inc.   I am Carolyn Marra, agency owner

for over 13 years!

My passion for the business started over 35 years ago when, as a secretary at a

major corporation, I arranged trips for my bosses, all done without benefit of the

internet! It was a terrific learning experience.

Saying good-bye to the corporate world in 1983, I began my new career as an

outside agent with Nanuet Travel in Rockland County. When that agency closed

in 1991, I signed on as an agent with Clarkstown Travel Center and chose to work part-time while raising my children.  By 1999 my interest in the group business had grown, and I was fortunate for the chance to expand my knowledge at Clas Travel.

After the 9/11 attacks, Clas Travel, like many other agencies, was forced to close its doors. Then the perfect opportunity presented itself. I was hired as a writer for Liberty Travel's in-house agent program. This experience rounded out my industry expertise and has become a great asset.

In the summer of 2003, Ellen Stein, Clarkstown Travel Center's owner, approached me about buying the business. With family responsibilities behind me I seized the moment and fulfilled a lifelong dream of having my own agency. My new baby, Clarkstown Travel Services, Inc., was born in November 2003.

My formula for operating Clarkstown Travel is simple. It combines my love of the business, my comprehensive knowledge and my commitment to personal service.

The industry has changed dramatically since I wrote my first airline ticket and technology now provides individual travelers with opportunities to which only agents had access in the past.  Yes, you can book your entire trip without leaving your living room, but there will never be a substitute for the personal service by an experienced professional who knows the field and can see the big picture.

By all means research your trip.  It's easy, interesting and fun.  You are welcome to bring what you've found to me and we'll work together. Turn your hard-earned vacation into a lifetime of memories.

Remember, Life is What Happens Between Vacations!!

                                                                               ---- Carolyn Marra


About the Owner